Oculus founder’s Ghost 4 military drones use AI for surveillance and attack

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    Plot: The most sober and believable of the series, Airport (1970) also was the touchstone for the decade’s disaster films that came later. We start in Chicago, where a blizzard is invoking Murphy’s Law at “Lincoln International Airport.” As he struggles with a deteriorating marriage, airport manager Mel Bakersfield (Burt Lancaster) is faced with a stuck airplane blocking a runway, nearby residents complaining about jet noise, and a wacky old lady (Helen Hayes) trying to stow away on a flight to Rome.

    After takeoff, everyone on the flight realizes the danger, but they’re unable to prevent the bomb from exploding. Though the bomber is sucked out to his death, the captain is able to land the plane intact, saving everyone else on board. Of course, that’s only after the disabled plane on the runway is towed out of the way just in time.

    Apple expanded the reach of its services on Tuesday, bringing the App Store, iCloud, Apple Podcasts, and Apple Arcade, to 20 new countries, while Apple Music came to 52 new markets. It includes countries in Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean, the Middle East and Oceania.

    In January, Apple revealed that its services revenue soared 17% to $12.7 billion, largely thanks to the App Store, as it reported an all-time record quarter. The expansion of its services into new markets also comes a week after Apple launched its $399 iPhone SE, the most affordable iPhone in its lineup. 

    In the last month, I’ve played Modern Warfare, watched Letters From Iwo Jima, listened to Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History podcast on the American-Spanish War and read a longform New Yorker piece on the war in Afghanistan.

    Today, Warfighter Engaged works with many civilians as well — especially since the came to market . Veterans receive the controllers for free, and civilians and others can pay for non-custom versions through the website for under $100 — though those who are strapped for cash are just asked for a donation if possible, Jones said. 

    Similarly, there are other missions where killing a civilian instantly causes game over. It’s questionable design, but also calls to mind the logistical nightmare that is guerilla warfare: How do you distinguish between friend and foe? It’s a simple question with significant consequences.

    Previews for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker begin Dec. 19. CNET critic Richard Trenholm says it ticks all the boxes, but there’s way too much going on. A two-minute free preview of the film was released with Wednesday’s episode of The Mandalorian on streaming service Disney Plus.

    Warfighter Engaged uses bite switches, sip-and-puff controls and lots of buttons and joysticks to make adaptive controllers for veterans and civilians with disabilities, including former Sgt. John Peck — a quadruple amputee who has since had a double arm transplant.

    Fortunately for Peck, Jones delivered. He created a tabletop controller on its own stand, with paddles and levers and buttons that Peck could hit with the nubs on his arms and legs — not exactly what you think of when you imagine settling in for some Call of Duty. 

    “We’re delighted to bring many of Apple’s most beloved Services to users in more countries than ever before,” Oliver Schusser, Apple’s vice president of Apple Music and International Content, said in a release.

    Plus, demand was increasing — he was getting around three or four requests for adaptive controllers per week. The donation-based organization now primarily builds controllers for veterans, many of whom are young gamers who suddenly find themselves with multiple amputations, head trauma or other injuries, but want to play again. 

    The plan is to land the plane on a remote island, take the art and disappear. But trouble comes when the 747’s wing collides with an oil platform in the middle of a fog bank. Foxworth is able to ditch in the ocean, but before the passengers can evacuate, the plane sinks to the seabed not far below the water’s surface. Things look bad, but eventually most on board are saved when the US Navy raises the 747 momentarily, using several large balloons.

    Built by Luckey’s new company, called Anduril Industries, the two-meter aircraft can be carried in a backpack and is designed to withstand the sand, mud and seawater of military operations. Anduril, which announced the drone Thursday, said the Ghost 4 has a 100-minute flight time and can be autonomously or remotely piloted. It can carry cameras, radio-jamming systems or lasers to spotlight targets. And it can drop packages weighing as much as 35 pounds.

    Luckey’s vision of sci-fi warfare For now, military customers use Lattice on laptops or phones. In the longer run, Luckey believes soldiers will tune in, too, wearing augmented reality headsets that overlay Lattice-supplied details with their real-world environment. 

    Anduril’s Ghost 4 drone The term “drone” for years meant massive, expensive, remotely piloted aircraft, like the General Atomics’ Predator used for surveillance and launching missiles in Pakistan, Afghanistan and other hot spots. But a civilian-focused high-tech industry appropriated the word for much smaller aircraft like the quadcopters real estate agents use to photograph houses for sale or the somewhat larger models .

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